BB FlashBack Pro with License Key [Latest]


BB FlashBack Pro License Key

Download BB FlashBack Pro License Key is an easy-to-use application that captures all Windows desktop activity to a movie, recording exactly what you see on your computer. It comes complete with a built-in editor that allows you to annotate movies with text and record a spoken commentary. Publisher edition can export to BB FlashBack Pro License Key Flash and AVI formats so movies can be embedded in web pages and documents.


  • Record and replay movies on your screen.
  • Export movie to Macromedia Flash format.
  • Full PowerPoint plug in and support.
  • Selectable codecs for AVI and WMV formats.
  • Create/edit HTML templates for web movies.
  • Record sound through microphone.
  • Import audio files BB FlashBack Pro Serial Key.
  • Automatically change screen resolution during recording.
  • Auto switch-off for Windows graphic effects.
  • Set plain desktop wallpaper while recording.
  • Hide desktop icons while recording.
  • Capture all sound playing through the system.
  • Keystroke logging and playback.
  • BB FlashBack Pro License Key Hotkey control.
  • Capture only last selected number of minutes.
  • Compatibility mode for recording on older PCs.
  • Colour fades, shadows and transparency effects on text.
  • Auto fit to window or movie size.
  • Cut and paste footage inside or between movies.
  • Toggle show/hide mouse cursor at selected points.
  • Re-record mouse retrospectively after screen capture.
  • Sound tracks manager to control audio positions and volumes.
  • Movie clipping to reduce your movie to a selected area.
  • Speed or slow movies at selected points.
  • Send movie by email option.


BB FlashBack Pro License Key

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BB FlashBack Pro with License Key [Latest]


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